10 Things to do at home during Lockdown

LOCKDOWN!! Bored right?? But why to spent the lockdown days being bored when you have lots of interesting things to do around you. Let me put up some things which I think you can do during your lockdown days.

1. Morning Yoga

yoga Lockdown doesn’t mean you have to wake up late in the morning. You have to remain indoor for the whole day, so doing some yoga would help you to maintain a balanced metabolism, develop strength, reduce your stress level, keep your body fit and may also help you to lose some weight. Yoga also connects people with nature. Yoga also helps in sharpening our minds and improving our intelligence. Yoga improves our well-being and gives us better mental activity. So wake up early in the morning, do some yoga as it has lots and lots of benefits.

2. Workout at Home

workout Why need a GYM when you can work out at home? There are plenty of ways to make your exercise more fun and interesting by doing at home. This lockdown has made you sit idle at home so the chances of becoming fat, lazy are more. So GET UP, do some WORKOUT. Try doing it every day little by little. It will help you to remain fit. You can also opt to youtube videos. It will help you a lot. Doing yoga might grow up as a habit and would be beneficial for you later on.

3. Watching Tv series/Web series

tv series

Were you waiting for a Sunday to watch web-series? Then lockdown is the best time to watch those. Many new series have come up and they are really worth watching. Some web-series gives an important message and lessons and also motivates in various ways. Web-series are the best tool to spent time when you are bored. Go for it. Try out some.

4. Try a new Recipe


It’s not that only girls/women should cook. Boys/men can also do that. Parents feel happy when their children cook something for them. This lockdown give your parents some rest from the kitchen and do some cooking. Try out news recipes and treat your parents. This would really make them happy. Also, you can try out redecorating your known recipes in some different styles. Once you try cooking I’m sure you will love it.

5. Read a Book

best books to read

Books are our best friends. So read lots and lots of books and make them your best friend. Reading books helps to improve vocabulary, writing skills and also removes stress and tension. Try reading out some books, novels. No need of having a book in your hand when there is internet available. You can try out e-books, kindle. Reading books will also lighten up your mood.

6. Crafting

So now when you have available time in your hand due to the lockdown, give your hand in crafting. You can get access to youtube videos for designs or if you have any ideas execute them. You can also design your rooms with the crafts you make. Try making some from the waste materials lying around in your house. Recycle them, renovate them and make them look beautiful. This is the best time to do.

7. Painting


“A picture can paint a thousand words”. People good at a painting can utilize their time in this. You have enough time to paint out a good picture and frame it. You can also do some commissioned painting if you wish to. Blend out different colors and try experimenting. Bring out your ideas. Why to waste time being lazy or sleeping. Instead, do some productive work.

8. Sketching


Some of you may be good at sketching. Do it. Utilize your time. Occupy your time to your drawing paper, pen, pencil. Try sketching out things in and around you. Execute your ideas. You can also search for YouTube videos. Lockdown is the time to bring out your talent.

9. Watching Movies


The thing everyone loves doing. If you have some movies pending to watch, you can do it now. Finish it so that you can go for other movies when the lockdown opens. Some movies are based on important events. Those can provide you information. Movies can also refresh your mind. Watching movies is a fun activity that gives many advantages too.

10. Clean the house and organize it


Cleanliness is an important quality of life. Clean your house, organize it. Clean one room daily. Bring out your ideas, execute them. Organize them. A clean and beautiful house makes your day and life happy. Cleanliness around you can also cure and prevent you from communicable diseases. It is your duty to keep your home clean and beautiful. Utilize your lockdown days by doing some productive work.

So make use of your valuable time. There are also a lot many things to do. Learn them, execute them. Enjoy your lockdown by utilizing your time and doing something interesting. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE

10 things to do at home during Lockdown in Pandemic Situation
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10 things to do at home during Lockdown in Pandemic Situation


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