5 Reasons why you should go for a bike ride to Shillong

Travelling to Shillong by car and enjoying the beauty is good but a bike ride to Shillong will give you an unforgettable experience. So if you get a chance to travel by bike, do not let it go. Grab the chance and have the opportunity to enjoy it fully.

Let me tell you the 5 reasons why you should never miss traveling to Shillong by bike.

1. Mesmerizing View

A bike ride to Shillong is itself a sort of an adventure. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. You can enjoy a mesmerizing view all the way. Exotic flora and fauna are the highlights. Greeneries surround the place. You can also see beautiful pine trees residing by the roads. The all-around view will give you a pleasant feeling. There are so many places by the road where you can just park your bike and enjoy the beautiful views.

2. Spiral routes

While traveling to Shillong you will find zigzag roads which make one’s journey more interesting.  If you love to do cornering by your bike then you will fall in love with the roads for sure.

The Highways are very popular for their curvy roads. In some places the roads are narrow but it is great for traveling by bike. A bike to Shillong is arguably the most scenic one to travel.

3. Pleasant weather

Shillong has very pleasant weather. You can visit there anytime. The pleasant weather prevails throughout the year. And on a bike ride to Shillong, you will enjoy the most.

It is a less pollutant place so the clean and fresh air, pleasant weather will make you feel the journey worth going. And sometimes it’s also good and enjoyable to travel while raining. Most of the people like it. So if are travelling during rainy and you love to travel while raining then clutch a bike ride to Shillong.

4. make new friends

Many people love to travel alone but sometimes you may miss a company. So no worries. On the way to Shillong, you will find many bike riders.

There are many people traveling to the capital of Meghalaya
every day. Be an extrovert and enjoy the journey with a stranger. Be it bitter or sweet memory, you will be happy you did one.

5. Enjoy the Traffic Free Roads


If you are bored of riding in your city and irritated with the traffic system and also want some fresh air and a hassle-free day out from a crowded area then you should gear up your bike and start a journey over the highways leading to Shillong.

The traffic system is good in Meghalaya. You will find less vehicle unlike other places and so traffic is also less. The roads are quite broad to have a safe and sound ride.




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